Parents & Family Members

Welcome Parents and Family Members to Student Assistance and Support Services!

Student Assistance and Support Services (SASS) greatly values and believes that a strong partnership with Parents and Family Members is important to a student’s overall success at UNC Charlotte. Parents and Family Members needing information or guidance regarding an issue/concern or who are seeking help on behalf of their student(s) are encouraged to reach out to SASS. In order for staff to speak to parents/guardians regarding student(s) issues or concerns, we must have a FERPA waiver on file.

Services Provided By Student Assistance and Support Services:

  • Assistance with verification of absences for documented situations related to medical, psychological, personal crisis, or military absences.
    • Note: The authority to excuse a student’s class absence(s) and to grant a student an academic accommodation (turn in a late assignment(s), provide extra time on an assignment, reschedule an exam(s) etc.) sits with the individual instructor. Student Assistance and Support Services can assist by verifying a student class absence(s) and notifying faculty of the reason(s)/circumstances that lead to the student absence(s) from class. Individual instructors are encouraged to work directly with students regarding their absence(s).
  • Provide faculty with an emergency notification regarding a student’s hospitalization or serious accident if the student will be out of class for more than 3 consecutive days due to the emergency.
    • Family members can contact our office directly to inform us of these emergency situations so we can initiate this step. Please have your student’s University ID number and/or email address ready when calling.
  • Meet one-on-one with students to discuss broad issues or concerns ranging from understanding of academic and non-academic university policies and procedures, withdrawing due to extenuating circumstances, academic suspension appeal, academic integrity process, final grade appeal, incomplete grade requests, etc.
  • Provide general information and referrals for students related to additional campus support resources that may be beneficial based on their needs.
  • Consultations with students seeking a withdrawal (medical or non-medical) due to extenuating circumstances.
  • Care and Concern Support Services (NinerCare Team) is designed to help assist students in crisis/distress. SASS staff can reach out to the student to schedule a care and concern meeting to identify issues of concern, discuss campus support services, assist students in the development of a plan of action to address their issues/concerns, and follow up with students when needed to maximize student retention and success at UNC Charlotte.

Please read through the information provided on our website to learn more about Absence Verification, Withdrawal Services, NinerCare Team, and our many other services. To speak with a SASS staff member, please call 704-687-0289.