Student Complaints

Addressing Student Complaints

UNC Charlotte is committed to fostering mutual respect among all members of the University community. If a student has any issue or concern regarding the living and/or and learning environment at UNC Charlotte that is not covered by the established policies below, the University has developed a Student Grievance Procedure outlining how to submit a formal grievance. Students are encouraged to review policy information, should they wish to submit a formal grievance.

The Office of Student Assistance and Support Services (SASS), a function of the Dean of Students Office, can also serve as a resource for students seeking information regarding grievances and appropriate avenues to express complaints about their University experiences. If you are considering submitting a Student Grievance Report to the SASS office for support, here are some important things to review prior to contacting the SASS office:

  • If you have a concern with a professor or instructor, please contact the appropriate department chair, as chairs have direct oversight of professors/instructors
  • If you are looking to appeal a final course grade, please thoroughly read the University‚Äôs established Policy and Procedure for Student Appeals of Final Course Grades and follow the prescribed steps
  • Student Grievance Report forms should be used to submit a complaint if you have made attempts to but been unable to satisfactorily resolve the issue at hand
  • If you have made attempts to resolve the issue at hand without resolution, please contact the SASS Office
  • Do not use the Student Grievance Report if you are experiencing personal grief due to a loss. If you need assistance with an absence verification due to grief of some kind, please review information related to the Absence Verification process

If you would like guidance regarding a grievance or concern or are unsure if submitting a Student Grievance Report is the right avenue to voice your specific concern, please contact the Office of Student Assistance and Support Services at 704-687-0289 to speak with a staff member. 

Resources and Policies to Address Specific Student Complaints

Students may experience specific issues or concerns for which University resources, policies, and procedures have been established. We encourage students to review any specific policies and information linked below that may be applicable to their specific complaint regarding their student experience. If the concern falls within an established policy below, we recommend that the student follow the outlined procedures and contact the specific office or unit responsible for assisting students with their concern.